Tuesday, August 27, 2013

B-day partyparty~

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my mom and little sister. Always creepy when people in the same family have the same birthday I think. Don't know why tho.
I decided to get a bit festive and ruffly :3

Tunic, vest, necklace, shoes - second hand
Scarf - from Spain
Stockings - thrift shop
Headband - Glitter

We had a small celebration ourselves earlier this week with my sis. She came over and we had coffee and the usual what-not. This is my outfit from that day!

My mom's backyard is the best place to take pics :3

Dress - Gina Tricot
Tube scarf - Only
Hat - H&M
Stockings - thrift shop

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sssssewing in Progress

During the summer, I've planned a gazillion projects but due some unknown reasons (*cough*LAZYASSBITCH*cough*) I've not gotten all of them started. BUT I do have some stuff I've been making. Mostly I've practiced creating patterns and it's really paid off! Understanding how patterns really work and how stuff gets the way they are, it's actually easier to design too. So if you're struggling with getting new ideas with your designs, pick up an instruction manual for pattern making.

Just before the fashion show and the end of the school year, I made this, a loose top with a leather detail. I made the patterns myself by draping the fabric and even though it's not perfectly made ('cus I don't own an overlock sewing machine ;;^;; ), I actually love it! This is not a perfect pic of it, but in lack of a better one, it'll have to do, sorry~

 And look! I was browsing our local flea market and I came across THIS! An actual IVANA HELSINKI jacket/blouse/thingie that you can't sorta make out in my crappy pictures but srsly yaaaay! The print is gorgeous but the jacket itself was hideous so I bought it, took the seams apart and now the pieces are all neatly folded in my study and just waiting to be turned to something awesum! I can't wait to figure out what I'm going to do with it!

Pwettyyyyy... *3*

It looks like some sort of bathrobe....

But anyways, I've had fabrics for this for moths now and I finally got the balls to start it! I've had this shirt for ages and holding the cats on my shoulders isn't doing it any good. The back of it is all stretched and full or teeny weeny holes. I really like the shape of it but no place sells stuff like this so... why not make it myself?

Looks weird as hell don't it?

This is the goooooorgeous fabric I found on sale as a leftover piece in Eurokangas.

After making the pattern and cutting.....ready to go!

Buuuuuuuuuut as it normally tends to end, turns out, I was a bit thick. The fabric was somehow a bit not-so-stretchy or different from the original in some other way. The point is - I couldn't fit in the blasted thing. I even made the patterns a cm or two bigger so it would not happen but it bloody did. I was soooo pissed, but I couldn't have done it any other way, since I only had so much fabric.
Luckily, one of my friends came over that same day and I showed her the shirt and she loved it! Was a bit different from her style but hey, I got her to use color!

Here she is, looking beautiful in my not 100% finished blouse!

She asked me to widen the neck opening a bit and I still need to borrow my sister's overlock machine to clean up the seams. It was great to get the shirt to someone who'd actually want it and not even some random person. I get to keep and eye on my baby.... And it was so adorable how my friend was exited to tell everyone she's wearing a piece made by me :')

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Exhibition Opening Night

Wooo, it was time for some action today!
Today was the opening party of an exhibition about a local blog, LAHTIBLOGI. It's run by a couple of people that go to the same school as me and since I've been an active reader of them for quite some time, ofc I attended! The gallery in which the exhibition is held is actually run by our school as well as the Institute of Fine Arts in Lahti. Next year, I'll be one of the main representatives for the gallery, yyyyiiiiikes!
Basically the blog gives you a true, unpolished image of my hometown. This place is a bit of a joke to all other Finns, really. Too many hilarious drunks and glorious depression stuff. Go check it out if you have a chance!

And this was what I wore for the opening.

Tunic: Gina Tricot
 + self printed GAGA on the side
Shorts: H&M
Hat&hat decor: second hand
Necklace: a gift from my gf<3
Stockings: thrift shop

'scuse me for derpiness D:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Outfit of the day

Phew it's been a looooong week since I last wrote anything here... Moving has been quite a bitch since my fiance wasn't on vacation like me and we didn't have a van to move our stuff. So I kinda overdid it and didn't eat or sleep, just packed stuff and cleaned the house. So I've been forced to just rest for the past three days.
I did get invited to a bar night with one of my best friends! Thank the gods, I've been indoors so much with nothing to do it's been driving me crazy. After changing seven times, this is what I wore:

Shirt: Asos.com
Shorts: Gina Tricot
Tights: general store
Shoes: Zsatza
Necklace: second hand
Headband: Tiia Vanhatapio for Seppälä

The back of the shirt

   I love it how Asos.com has these kind of gorgeous clothes in more sizes than normal clothing stores! 'Cus in my mind, when you have a piece of clothing, as long as it fits you, you can wear anything you want. I'm a EU size 44 and don't want to wear what those boring basic wear and capes that all the "generous", or "big and beautiful" sections are full of. And that said, I'm really sick of magazines, stylists, and "fashionistas" all over telling people what they should wear based on their figure. "A new, easy way to hide those hideous man-shoulders!" or "Check out this trick that will create an hourglass figure for everyone!" So what if you have broad shoulders, tiny boobs or a huge, ghetto bum? It seems that there's only one way to dress these days, only a couple of accepted forms of bodies. I think it would be fun to have a dress that makes me look like a huge ball, or carrot pants that make my lower half look like a triangle on it's sharp point!

   I also don't like how H&M has profiled bigger people to dress more grown up than those of smaller size. To those who'll argue "children should not be encouraged to grow up fat!" I'll remind you - we in our 20's would still want to avoid that secretary/business look the grown up-department offers. For instance, my shoe size - as with many Finnish women these days - has been huge ever since I hit puberty. Srsly I outgrew my mom's EU 39 at the age of 12. So why, oh why, has H&M erased size 41 from their teen shoe collections?
   I had been drooling these gorgeous black wedge heels for a while and went to try them on. (I'm actually terrible with heels, it's always scary to try on a pair 'cus most of the time I can't walk with them and have to leave them behind. Honestly, I fall down on my ass all the time even with flats.)
After a few minutes of looking, I went up to the shop assistant and asked if the size 41 was out, since there were none. And eyes brightly she merely uttered: "This is the youth department, we don't have a size 41."
That was a surprise to me, since just a couple of months back I had bought a pair of shoes from there and they had had my size. I asked her to call the head of the department, and they confirmed that the largest size had been removed from the youth collections.
- Mind you, the adult department shoes are mostly boring, basic heels-
So what the hell???? People who end up having big feet in adulthood usually tend to have the same feet when growing up. If this policy had been adopted when I was a kid, I would have had to use really awkward, serious-looking adult stuff instead of anything fun and proper to my age.

End of rant.

Anyways, to the end of this post, I give you a few pics of me today, after discovering a new hairstyle to save a sweaty day filled with unpacking!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In between - post

Hey again guys!

It's been a total hassle for the past few days... So much has happened!

1. We're moving! I swear I'll do a proper interior post and talk about the whole thing properly, but there's simply been too much stuff to get packed that I haven't had the time to take pics or anything!

2. You know me and my fiance's been having a flea market table for one week now right? We'll since we still had shitloads of stuff to sell, we decided to take a table for another week. You can't believe what a pain it was to move all the remaining stuff across the hall and onto our next table. -,- BUT guess how much money we've made in that one week! 240 euros!!! We've agreed to use that to all the expensive decorating shit people have in all sorts of gorgeous vintage homes (9*^*9)

3. Since I've been feeling fugly these past days, sweating my ass off while carrying heavy boxes in sweatpants and t-shirts, here's my desu-con photos! I just realized I hadn't posted them here lolz.

So here's my outfit from Saturday!

Shirt: H&M
Shrug: Etsy, OpheliaOverdose
Corset/Belt: Cyber Shop
Belt: Only
Bag + Shoes + Shoe covers + Hat: 
second hand 
Blue skirt: Monki
White skirt: H&M
Underskirt: H&M
Stockings: Citymarket/Lindex

made by my fiance & ebay
Glove: ebay

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kirppis, round II

Yaaaaay today we went to arrange new stuff to our flee market table and learned that we'd made almost 180 euros in only five days! Srsly I dunno what's wrong with the flee markets these days - people sell really crappy stuff for prizes so high you could buy it cheaper in the store! Obviously we did not do that, most of things were sold for like 1/2-1 euros... I did celebrate our success by buying a few gorgeous things I found!

Gorgeous orange buttoned shirt
originally from Only

Detail of da print of it...

And this lovely knitted vest!
Originally from H&M
(I might actually sew some leather details to this later on)

In the afternoon we went to have a BBQ party at my mom's :3 It was really fun and she'd made Greek food! I was really sick tho, so sorry for my lack of make-up. God my face hurts....
Nomnomnom~ Later on we took some pics with my lil sis and that said, here's my outfit from today!

Dress: german H&M
Belt: from an old classmate, Esprit
Stockings: Citymarket, self dyed
Necklace: Accessorize
Headpiece: Self made

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boring post = boring

Soooo nothing's happened much since my last post - just been watching Dr. Who and drawing really. I've finished my designs for this fashion design competition I plan on entering though, but I dare not put any pics of them in here. YET at least.

We've been busy organizing a flee market table with my fiance and thank god people are buying our stuff! There's so much old clothes and random stuff that I don't even remember having that I don't even care about getting money from them. I just want them gone. I found some nightgowns from like my 7th grade or smth.

But! Today I got to go outside with my lil' sis! We had planned on going shopping but since neither of us really didn't plan on buying anything, we just grabbed a bite and browsed for hours. It was really fun, save for the teenzy weenzy thing - I GOT FUCKING SICK. Srsly, who gets the flu in the summer???? So I was sneezing all the way, blowing my nose every second and now after all the walking I feel like crap. Whyyyyy oh why did it have to start todayyyy?? D:
However if you know me at all, you'll not probably be surprised to hear that even though I don't have any money right now, I still bought something, lolz.
I got meself a new red lipstick since I lost the first one somewhere. Probably Berlin but you never know. Then I got this lovely aubergine that had this petal look skirt from H&M sale rack. Additionally one of my former classmates was selling her stuff away so I relieved her of

This originally Carlings - blouse

and this lovely red belt :3

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PunyuPunyu I got your tail

About 1,5 years ago we decided to get a cat. We went to a local shelter and walked about but nothing seemed to fit us. Then, just by chance we happened to come across some quarantined newcomers that had been hidden away in the back. There were two russian blues, taken from their previous owner by the police because they had been neglected and possibly abused. They were so cute and took a liking to us from first glance so we just had to adopt them both.

Our sweet, sweet Latte ;___; she was so skinny...

And Mocha, our cute little granny-cat<3

They've been treasures, really. Never any problems with furniture or litter boxes. Poor things were so malnourished it took us almost four months to get Mocha's stomach to adjust to solid food. We gave them kitten food for a while so it'd been easier for them to gain weight a bit. It was a bit too easy for Latte to be honest :D Nowadays she's such a fatty, she eats everything from avocados to butter.
Mocha on the other hand has always been a bit weird; it took me a whole year to get her to get used to being picked up and still I have to do it in a certain way or she'll freak out. For the first 1/2 year she wouldn't let anyone touch her back half. The two are both terrified of hoovers and brooms and loud footsteps. Mocha's my little baby and doesn't like anyone else, really. She sleeps next to me every night and gets really depressed whenever I leave. Now that she's gotten older I think she's gotten signs of dementia. There are days when she clearly is confused and jumpy and doesn't know where she is. Thankfully it doesn't take much to keep her reminded of things. If I just remember to get her to eat if she refuses to leave the bedroom and go scratch her a bit so she knows who's making noises.

It just gives me shivers when I think that these little fluff balls have not been fed, petted and most likely have been kicked or something. People who mistreat animals should be given a high five. In the face. With an axe.

Just look at our beloved cuties now!<3

Photos by Tanya

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cyberesque Facial Fact

Okkk, so as I told you guys in the previous post, lotsa things have changed since I last actively posted in my blog. Including my looks ofc lol

ANYWAY so in this post imma talk a little about my piercings. Since ear piercings aren't that much of a deal nowadays I'll just skip to the main thing .... LE FACE.
I'd been planning on getting a piercing for about, what, five years now? I really think even the african tribes with all sorts of body mods are really pretty and I use a lot of jewelery anyway so why not on the face as well? Now you're gonna be like "well stupid, you can get a piercing without a parent's permission at 15, why'd you wait that long". Well because I wasn't going to rely on my non-existent intellect at 15, that's why. I said to myself I can get it, after I turn 18, and if I still want it then, I'll know it's not just a fling. Cus you never know what's gonna happen when you go pokin' at your face and since I've got a few scars on my face already, I wanted to be sure I wasn't gonna regret anything.
So finally last winter I scoured the interwebz for different sorts of piercing options and used small diamond add-on's to determine which one would suit my face. I wanted it to be a bit on the special side too, and I even considered cheek piercings at some point. A couple of my friends have those and they look so cute, like dimples! ( I like to call them smiley bumps ) But it was not to be. Instead I found my true luv, the cyberbite <3
Info: Cyber bite is when you combine labret (lover lip middle) and medusa (upper lip middle)

This is just after the medusa...

...and here fully healed and all good!                 

I know the healing of a hole in your face is individual and with some it takes ages, but in my case, there was hardly any swelling, pain, stuff coming out or anything. It basically was pretty much the same from start till now.  I did freak myself out by watching those horrible youtube videos about infections and piercing in general but eventually when you think of it, most of those are done without proper equipment or left untreated so don't shit yourself if you end up viewing those. Since these were my first facial piercings I took them one at a time. Doesn't cost any more and in case you do swell to look like a duck, at least you still are able to eat.
But yeah, even though many people were against me having these but eventually I got loads of compliments :3 Even though my parents don't approve piercings either, I did tell them before taking mine. I recommend the same for everyone. So if you're planning on getting a piercing, consider your pros and cons. Future job, peoples opinions, your style and your own readiness. 
My big dream in the future is to have elven ears! They do it in the UK already but I don't think it's wise to get them while the pro's are still learning the best ways to do it... But still, elven ears!!!! *3*

Now enjoy some hawt piercing and body mod pics!

source; MotherLickerr, deviantart

source; stuffpoint.com

source; gutterface, deviantart

sooooooooo rad<3
source; oddee.com