Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PunyuPunyu I got your tail

About 1,5 years ago we decided to get a cat. We went to a local shelter and walked about but nothing seemed to fit us. Then, just by chance we happened to come across some quarantined newcomers that had been hidden away in the back. There were two russian blues, taken from their previous owner by the police because they had been neglected and possibly abused. They were so cute and took a liking to us from first glance so we just had to adopt them both.

Our sweet, sweet Latte ;___; she was so skinny...

And Mocha, our cute little granny-cat<3

They've been treasures, really. Never any problems with furniture or litter boxes. Poor things were so malnourished it took us almost four months to get Mocha's stomach to adjust to solid food. We gave them kitten food for a while so it'd been easier for them to gain weight a bit. It was a bit too easy for Latte to be honest :D Nowadays she's such a fatty, she eats everything from avocados to butter.
Mocha on the other hand has always been a bit weird; it took me a whole year to get her to get used to being picked up and still I have to do it in a certain way or she'll freak out. For the first 1/2 year she wouldn't let anyone touch her back half. The two are both terrified of hoovers and brooms and loud footsteps. Mocha's my little baby and doesn't like anyone else, really. She sleeps next to me every night and gets really depressed whenever I leave. Now that she's gotten older I think she's gotten signs of dementia. There are days when she clearly is confused and jumpy and doesn't know where she is. Thankfully it doesn't take much to keep her reminded of things. If I just remember to get her to eat if she refuses to leave the bedroom and go scratch her a bit so she knows who's making noises.

It just gives me shivers when I think that these little fluff balls have not been fed, petted and most likely have been kicked or something. People who mistreat animals should be given a high five. In the face. With an axe.

Just look at our beloved cuties now!<3

Photos by Tanya

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