Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cyberesque Facial Fact

Okkk, so as I told you guys in the previous post, lotsa things have changed since I last actively posted in my blog. Including my looks ofc lol

ANYWAY so in this post imma talk a little about my piercings. Since ear piercings aren't that much of a deal nowadays I'll just skip to the main thing .... LE FACE.
I'd been planning on getting a piercing for about, what, five years now? I really think even the african tribes with all sorts of body mods are really pretty and I use a lot of jewelery anyway so why not on the face as well? Now you're gonna be like "well stupid, you can get a piercing without a parent's permission at 15, why'd you wait that long". Well because I wasn't going to rely on my non-existent intellect at 15, that's why. I said to myself I can get it, after I turn 18, and if I still want it then, I'll know it's not just a fling. Cus you never know what's gonna happen when you go pokin' at your face and since I've got a few scars on my face already, I wanted to be sure I wasn't gonna regret anything.
So finally last winter I scoured the interwebz for different sorts of piercing options and used small diamond add-on's to determine which one would suit my face. I wanted it to be a bit on the special side too, and I even considered cheek piercings at some point. A couple of my friends have those and they look so cute, like dimples! ( I like to call them smiley bumps ) But it was not to be. Instead I found my true luv, the cyberbite <3
Info: Cyber bite is when you combine labret (lover lip middle) and medusa (upper lip middle)

This is just after the medusa...

...and here fully healed and all good!                 

I know the healing of a hole in your face is individual and with some it takes ages, but in my case, there was hardly any swelling, pain, stuff coming out or anything. It basically was pretty much the same from start till now.  I did freak myself out by watching those horrible youtube videos about infections and piercing in general but eventually when you think of it, most of those are done without proper equipment or left untreated so don't shit yourself if you end up viewing those. Since these were my first facial piercings I took them one at a time. Doesn't cost any more and in case you do swell to look like a duck, at least you still are able to eat.
But yeah, even though many people were against me having these but eventually I got loads of compliments :3 Even though my parents don't approve piercings either, I did tell them before taking mine. I recommend the same for everyone. So if you're planning on getting a piercing, consider your pros and cons. Future job, peoples opinions, your style and your own readiness. 
My big dream in the future is to have elven ears! They do it in the UK already but I don't think it's wise to get them while the pro's are still learning the best ways to do it... But still, elven ears!!!! *3*

Now enjoy some hawt piercing and body mod pics!

source; MotherLickerr, deviantart


source; gutterface, deviantart

sooooooooo rad<3

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