Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kirppis, round II

Yaaaaay today we went to arrange new stuff to our flee market table and learned that we'd made almost 180 euros in only five days! Srsly I dunno what's wrong with the flee markets these days - people sell really crappy stuff for prizes so high you could buy it cheaper in the store! Obviously we did not do that, most of things were sold for like 1/2-1 euros... I did celebrate our success by buying a few gorgeous things I found!

Gorgeous orange buttoned shirt
originally from Only

Detail of da print of it...

And this lovely knitted vest!
Originally from H&M
(I might actually sew some leather details to this later on)

In the afternoon we went to have a BBQ party at my mom's :3 It was really fun and she'd made Greek food! I was really sick tho, so sorry for my lack of make-up. God my face hurts....
Nomnomnom~ Later on we took some pics with my lil sis and that said, here's my outfit from today!

Dress: german H&M
Belt: from an old classmate, Esprit
Stockings: Citymarket, self dyed
Necklace: Accessorize
Headpiece: Self made

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