Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Make up Tutorial - How do I do it

Hey everyone!
Today's rant is about make up and how do I usually do it. I tend to get pretty Giaru about my face and even some time use enlarging contacts. BUT There's not always need for expensive stuff like that!

Phase 1 - Preparation: Wash your face. It's easy for me, cus I put on make up after going to the shower everyday, so I'll never forget. BECAUSE greasy skin often ruins the make up, it doesn't last and it's easier to put on eye make up onto clear skin. Besides washing is good. You don't want to be stinkers. Stink is bad.
Phase2- The base: Put on a light layer of powder. This will lessen the amount of grease and the foundation will not feel so heavy. BUT put on JUST A LITTLE!! Otherwise your entire face will be clustered with make up : ((( This is just optional, I often don't do this if I'm in a hurry. So don't worrry.
Then, put on foundation. I usually put it in layers, so first I put on a little amount to the whole face (don't forget the edge of the chin!) and then add it to the cheeks a bit. But take time, you'll soon start to remember which parts need more than one layer. For foundation I use Maybelline - dream matte mousse. It feels real light on the skin if you use it just enough, but once you've used it for a while there's a real danger of overuse which results in too heavy make up.
After that, put on another layer of powder. I use two types: first LUMENE shine and redness eliminator - powder (it reduses the redness cus it's green. It's looks weird but works!) and then finish with the one i started with: L'OREAL True Match.
TIP!!! If you don't like sun powder, which can ofter be easily overused or just comes in waaaayyy too bid cans, daub a small amount of brown eyeshadow just below the cheek bones! You'll get nice hollowness into your face without any trouble!

So now, on to the eyes!

PHASE 3 - colorful life: Once you're done with the base, put on a small amount of brown and possibly glimmering eye shadow to the corner of the lid, ascending upwards even to the edge of the eyebrow if you so desire. Blend the lines with your finger, golden, or light eyeshadow or mere powder. Unlike recommended, I usually use my finger to put on the eye shadow. It blends better but you have to use a bit more, cus the finger eats some in the process.
Optional: If you want to create an illusion that your nose is thinner and your eyes a bit more inside the skull, spread a small amount of the brown eyeshadow to the place where your eyebrows start. You know, the spot where you have your glasses? (if you have them) There and a bit upwards.
After this, take a colorful, recommendably rather oily liner pencil or liner with some sort of fancy color. I'm a poor student so I have just two pencils (gold and purple) and one liner (electric blue). They can be found in almost anywhere, even normal clothing shops and in decent prizes too! Look out for sales and remember to sharpen the pencils before you use them to avoid eye infection and to get better, clean line.

So here's an example of the lining with an oily golden pencil! The line can be rather thick, since the actual lining that we'll put on later will show the actual shape of the eye anyway. What we're looking for now, is color and false space! To create the illusion of a bigger eye, put on a thick lining with the color you've chosen and if it's light like gold, put on a bit more to the lower lid than you'd normally dare, cus the black lining will be thinner there. The shape of the lining should be somewhat like an almond, thickening up to the corner of the eye. remember to connect the two lines! I myself use GOSH's liners (cus I found them on sale lol).

Phase 4 - the shape of the eye: After you're sure you're finished with the colorful lining, (you can redo the lines a few times, duh!!) bring forth your best friend - the liquid eye liner. I myself prefer the liner over the pencil, cus it doesn't go smudgy after a few hours. The tip of the liner (in my opinion, you can have your own!) should be like in a paintbrush, made of hair, cus the sponge tip version is awfully thick and disables prececion and hair thin lines. BUT if you're a beginner - use the sponge version because it's slightly easier to use that the thinner one.
SO make the line first to the upper lid, right next to the lashes. I usually even feel my lashes bend a bit. This is to ensure you don't have a white gap in between of the lashes and the line. Don't be shy! It takes a few times to learn, but once mastered, you won't fear a thing! Remember to start the line from the nose side corner of the line so that the color reaches there as well, so the line will match the form of the eye. Pereat to the outer corner of the eye. I don't recommend doing the same line to the lower lid, cus first of all, you'll poke it to your eye. Second, we'll want the eye to look bigger no? The messy artificial line just below the eye does not fit into this picture. Trust me. Don't do it.
I myself use the cheap Rimmel liner, so it doesn't have to be expensive to be proper. Just be sure to check the tip.
Phase 5: Once you're happy with the lining (you can clean it up or fix it by dipping a Q-tip to make up remover and wiping it off from some spots), take a black eyeliner pencil and color up the inner lids. Just put your finger onto the lid and pull it down or upwards depending on the lid and color it black. Don't color the inner corner tho! The inner corner is where the tears come out and it's the most moist place in the eye. So if you put color there, it'll mess up instantly and gather in the inner corner and onto the lid. But don't forget to entwine the inner lines in the outer corner!
Phase 6 - Finishing touch: Add mascara and put on maaaaaany many layers. Time after time after time. Especially to the outer corners of the eye. Some say that putting on mascara just to the upper lashes makes the eyes look bigger, but in my opinion it just makes the make up look imperfect. So merely put on a few less layers of color on the lower lashes than the upper ones. Problem solved.
For mascara I use L'OREAL Lash Millionaire Volyme Million Lashes. It's utterly the best one I've ever used! It costs slightly more than the others on the market but damn it's worth every cent!
Here's what you should have in your hands at the moment. If you leave out the colorful liner, you'll have a basic eye make up for just about any occasion.
But why stop there! Here's what I usually do. I take my liquid eye liner and paint a few spots that shrink when going towards the inner corner. There are countless variations, but this is the easiest and the most usual I do. If you have the liberty to choose, use the sponge tip liquid liner I talked about earilier, cus it's easier to make big spots with it.

A close up.....
And! If you want, you can use Bling in place of the black spots! You can buy make up strass from the brand Make up Store for instance. BUT they're expensive like hell. I personally like to use the one you iron against fabric! Fabric strass now is it? It's almost half the prize and they come in different colors, shapes etc! Just buy glue meant for fake lashes and apply it onto the flat surface of the strass. Put it onto the spot you want to have bling and add as many as you want! The strass are re-usable but just remember to clean them from the old glue and skin every once and a while, 'mkay?
End of tutorial! Hope it provides any use to someone.

And in other news! Look what I bought today, for mere 0,5e a piece!

Aren't they fuglyyyyy *3* so kyoooote!<3<3<3

Monday, July 11, 2011

Situation NerdyNerdy

I tend to get impulsive with my money for a bit and since I was shopping with my friend Minttu, I slipped. She was bying a few games for a DS which she didn't even have at the time. She's the last person to tell me not to buy a game, so after I'd found Final Fantasy: Crisis Core (Review later), it didn't take long until I found myself on my way to buy a game for a platform I didn't own. I had been planning on getting a hand consol for some time, yes, but those had been far away in the future.
My friend was buying Pokèmon games for DS, which is weirdly the most dominant hand console game "genre" as someone might put it, concidering there are TONS of pokemon games. Odd right? There are tons of pokemon games for hand consols but nothing really decent for other type of geeks like me, who don't happen to like the series that much, but would want to play, say, during trainrides. Sure, there are some adventure type games like the new Kindom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and the few Final Fantasies, such as Dissidia, Crisis Core, as well as Dirge of Cerberus, but in my opinion, there's so much more room for testing out the ground with the current technology rather than running around, trying to develop more touch screen failures which don't go with any other platforms invented before.
The thing I hate about new consoles is that they keep popping up constantly. Srsly. And unlike in the good old days when the new ones agreed to run the old games like PS2 and xBox360, the new ones always need every single wire, memory stick and game bought anew and they don't fit to any other platform. In the end you're sitting in your room, tangled in countless wires, trying to figure out which one goes to the platform you wanna play with. Geez. The most annoying thing is that when the companies release new stuff almost every year, if you buy the one which turns out to be a flop, you can't get any spare parts to them if they get broken! Wargh.

BUT as I was saying. I bought the PSP Slim (well DUH they don't even sell the fatty anymore). Because I hadn't really thought about buying it, I hadn't looked for prizes or anything, so I decided to ask for advice from the guy who was working in the shop. I had found a PSP from there, right next to their XBox360 and to be quite honest, I flipped. Srsly, the PSP, which is much more pathetic in memory as well as battery capasity NOT TO MENTION it has about a handfull of good games compared to the XBox, cost 182,5euros in there, and the xBox 200! I went to the counter and asked if he knew about the prizes currently in the market for the PSP and he dared to say they were one of the cheepest.
Lucky me I wasn't about to believe him that easily, cus when I checked the internet that evening, the prize collapsed for several dozen euros even when looking at the prizes in the big electronic shops, which are supposed to be madly expensive.
So here it issss<3
It really is intriguing tho, how people react to you differently just because you're a girl nerd. And not that kind of 200kg, WOW-playing, non-shovering nerd either, but decent looking one with a brain and frineds that is. Cus when I usually buy electronics, I know what I want, in memory, battery capasity and such. When I go to the counters to clear out the list of the things I want, the salespersons usually at that point just look at me me weirdly and go quiet. And they also try to trick me from time to time. Why can't they just get into their heads that there are normal people who play videogames!
Lol even my history teacher said I will not play videogames anymore when I'm in my thrirties. We'll see, we'll see.
But well yea, I got me PSP eventually :_D

And then.... Some random stuff for you my geeky lil' friends<3

Pixel sunglasses whoooooot *3* If they only came in somewhat decent colors .....

Check out these amazingly creative Korean iPhone covers! Goddamn Asian's have balls.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sugar sugar, honey honey

Heyyyyyy, it's been too long, my friends! (if there are any of you there)
Guess what day was the day before yesterday? The overly pink nuzzle day ofc, lol.
Aka. my girlfriend and I had our 2,5 anniversary. I know, cheesy right? We celebrate halfways. But well a while back we partied monthly.
You know the few week period that couples have just after they start dating? The snuggling and pinkish aura they have around them? Cute little phone calls that end with them both arguing giggling with the line "no, YOU hand up first!"

Yeah. We still have it.<3

So here's the thing: we have nicknames. She calls me Lion, or Kitty, because I've always had big hair (and when we started dating I had a Cloud-do ) and I call her "Nalle", Teddy roughly traslated. That's why the pic lol.
I might want to go on and on about gay rights here but i choose not to. Not now anyway. Maybe later when I have something sudden and worth rageing for in my hands. Later. For now, it's just pink here guys.

In honor of our anniversary we went to our regular spot, Arnold's which has those awesome doughnuts shaped as hearts <3 In the pic you can finally see my new fugly dumbo wallet<3 I love it to pieces and it's really handy too! I got it from Cawaii from Helsinki. It's a funny thing, I go to coffee shops all the time. So often that the people there recognise me and remember what I always want! (cus I'm a lousy lazyass so i just pick one that I'll always have) I even have "the usual" even though my friends thought it was some urban legend to have one.

Annnnndddd In other news, here's what I wore today, as it was yet again my day off. The dress if from Kapphal, the vest thingy and the belt from Kärkkäinen (the place I work in lol) the long sleeved basic shirt is from Gina Tricot, the gloves and the hair piece from Lindex, the leggins from Only and the necklace from Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. To be quite honest with you, the necklace is really a magnifying glass i put in a proper chain. It's meant for old people who have trouble reading 8D
Well, I did say I was about to enter my first age crisis....

Oh yeah! The sandals are from Mononen, probably the worlds only place (or at least Finn's) who sell shoes for large feet. 'scuse me for being related to Yeti!

Nomnomnommm.... :3333 Me drinking coffee with everything but coffee. (weird right?)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Yay for wiseassness
THIS is just how I've been feeling the whole day. I work at the local supermarket (we sell everything but food) and today, every single customer mumbled like they had gotten their tongue cut off!!!! RAAH SRSLY. There I am, smiling like an idiot - which is pretty enjoyable most of the time - and ask: "cash or credit?" then all they manage to blurt out is something that sounds like a mating moose put on mute in the middle of the sentence. I ask again. The same deal. At this point I'm just like "the hell with it" and press cash. AND when they see the receipt, they glance at me, looking like a wompat that has been denied a cookie, and say "I did say credit you know."

Watch the vid. Dane Cook is a GOD.