Monday, July 11, 2011

Situation NerdyNerdy

I tend to get impulsive with my money for a bit and since I was shopping with my friend Minttu, I slipped. She was bying a few games for a DS which she didn't even have at the time. She's the last person to tell me not to buy a game, so after I'd found Final Fantasy: Crisis Core (Review later), it didn't take long until I found myself on my way to buy a game for a platform I didn't own. I had been planning on getting a hand consol for some time, yes, but those had been far away in the future.
My friend was buying Pokèmon games for DS, which is weirdly the most dominant hand console game "genre" as someone might put it, concidering there are TONS of pokemon games. Odd right? There are tons of pokemon games for hand consols but nothing really decent for other type of geeks like me, who don't happen to like the series that much, but would want to play, say, during trainrides. Sure, there are some adventure type games like the new Kindom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and the few Final Fantasies, such as Dissidia, Crisis Core, as well as Dirge of Cerberus, but in my opinion, there's so much more room for testing out the ground with the current technology rather than running around, trying to develop more touch screen failures which don't go with any other platforms invented before.
The thing I hate about new consoles is that they keep popping up constantly. Srsly. And unlike in the good old days when the new ones agreed to run the old games like PS2 and xBox360, the new ones always need every single wire, memory stick and game bought anew and they don't fit to any other platform. In the end you're sitting in your room, tangled in countless wires, trying to figure out which one goes to the platform you wanna play with. Geez. The most annoying thing is that when the companies release new stuff almost every year, if you buy the one which turns out to be a flop, you can't get any spare parts to them if they get broken! Wargh.

BUT as I was saying. I bought the PSP Slim (well DUH they don't even sell the fatty anymore). Because I hadn't really thought about buying it, I hadn't looked for prizes or anything, so I decided to ask for advice from the guy who was working in the shop. I had found a PSP from there, right next to their XBox360 and to be quite honest, I flipped. Srsly, the PSP, which is much more pathetic in memory as well as battery capasity NOT TO MENTION it has about a handfull of good games compared to the XBox, cost 182,5euros in there, and the xBox 200! I went to the counter and asked if he knew about the prizes currently in the market for the PSP and he dared to say they were one of the cheepest.
Lucky me I wasn't about to believe him that easily, cus when I checked the internet that evening, the prize collapsed for several dozen euros even when looking at the prizes in the big electronic shops, which are supposed to be madly expensive.
So here it issss<3
It really is intriguing tho, how people react to you differently just because you're a girl nerd. And not that kind of 200kg, WOW-playing, non-shovering nerd either, but decent looking one with a brain and frineds that is. Cus when I usually buy electronics, I know what I want, in memory, battery capasity and such. When I go to the counters to clear out the list of the things I want, the salespersons usually at that point just look at me me weirdly and go quiet. And they also try to trick me from time to time. Why can't they just get into their heads that there are normal people who play videogames!
Lol even my history teacher said I will not play videogames anymore when I'm in my thrirties. We'll see, we'll see.
But well yea, I got me PSP eventually :_D

And then.... Some random stuff for you my geeky lil' friends<3

Pixel sunglasses whoooooot *3* If they only came in somewhat decent colors .....

Check out these amazingly creative Korean iPhone covers! Goddamn Asian's have balls.

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