Friday, July 1, 2011

Yay for wiseassness
THIS is just how I've been feeling the whole day. I work at the local supermarket (we sell everything but food) and today, every single customer mumbled like they had gotten their tongue cut off!!!! RAAH SRSLY. There I am, smiling like an idiot - which is pretty enjoyable most of the time - and ask: "cash or credit?" then all they manage to blurt out is something that sounds like a mating moose put on mute in the middle of the sentence. I ask again. The same deal. At this point I'm just like "the hell with it" and press cash. AND when they see the receipt, they glance at me, looking like a wompat that has been denied a cookie, and say "I did say credit you know."

Watch the vid. Dane Cook is a GOD.

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  1. Normihomo-lehden peruslesbo Minnan (mitkä sanahirviöt:DD)mukaan lesbosuhteen kesto on 2v, eli onneksi olkoon, olette nyt virallisesti kummallisia (niin myös me)