Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I wore

Today's been a sad day for me, for it was finally time for me to say goodbye for my lovely, loyal, old shoes. I bought them from a fleemarket about a year back for 20 cents, which is about one fifth of one euro. They've served me well, but once there were about 4 holes per sole and I couldn't walk on moist asphalt without getting my feet completely wet, and when walking with shoes on felt like walking barefoot, I finally decided it was time to let go.

Here's a picture of my dear shoes<3<3<3 Goodbye TT^TT

When I realised it was bye-bye with my old shoes, I started to look for something similar. You see, I can't drive with high heals and I wanted the shoes to be brown and somewhat similar to the old ones I had. The problem is that I have a foot of 41-42 EU size, which is probably about 11-12 US size. You don't find appropriate shoes in that size often, believe me. Which is bull, cus lotsa women these days have large feet.
Ahem, on with it. So I ordered THESE babies from a shop called Morticia. The only thing I don't like about them is that they're a living proof that steampunk is becoming mainstream. Raah. Oh well.

BUT BUT BUT BUT Look what GORGEOUS skirt I bought yesterday!! I got to go to the fleemarket for the first time in weeks! I've been working without much days off, every time I have free time, I usually just sleep and eat properly. SO for the first time in a time that's been feeling like decades, I got to circle around Femmatori, my favorite place to shop in the whole city :3
I bought this beautiful drape-like dress for 3 euros and it will look great in the winter with a long woollen jacket and a pair of ballerinas. *wriggling in anticipation*
Alongside the skirt, I also bought those leggins you can see in the pic. With ROSES gihiiii <3<3 Lilac is my favorite color but usually you can's really find any lilac stockings, tights or leggins. Sucks to be me.

By the way, don't you really hate the way the most wonderful clothes you'd want to wear in the exact opposite time of the year, tend to turn up right when you can't wear them. And by the time you COULD, you don't want to. Because you happen to like something else this time. Or as in my case mostly because you've already found something else to wear.
For example: I usually wear lots and lots of layers in my clothes, like 3 different tops at the same time etc. You get the picture. But it happens that lately here in Finn, the country turns into a fiery pit of hell during the summer. It's more than +25 degrees out there ! And it doesn't get any better indoors, I'm telling you. So it sucks even more to find awesome "wear this with two tops and a blouse with woollen tights" type of skirt of something in the middle of the summer, when it's too hot to wear it properly, but you so, SO much would like to wear it. Screw this, says I.

Anyways, enough pointless ranting, here's what I wore today, since it was my day off. I usually have to wear somehow civilised clothes when at work, plus it has to somewhat fit in with my ugly red fruit of loom work shirt. (it looks like shit) So when I DO get to wear what I want, I go slightly to the extreem. But don't get me wrong, I only have clothes in my closet in which I feel comfortable. Cus it show's if you feel unconfortable, trust me.
The skirt is homemade, but bought from the same fleemarket as the shoes I told you about earlier, the leggins are from Seppälä, the top from Gina Tricot and the shoes from Morticia. And how could I possibly forget the tremendous shrug, designed and produced by Miss Overdose (check my previous entry for a link). Love ya.

Peace offfff<3


  1. iiiiii ihanat kenkuliiiit<3<3 ja hamehame<3<3 ja aaaaaawww olet suloinen<3 /awwitus

  2. awww no hei nalleboing<3 tattish<3 kiva kun tykkäät<3<3

  3. Miss Overdose.<3

    btw, you can't be serious about wearing ballerinas during winter?O.O


  4. Niimpäääää<3

    But yes, if there be not 10feet of snow that is. 8D