Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dive into the TOYTOX

This is one of my favorite - well actually the ultimate favorite - fashion designer, norvegian Fam Irvoll. She's engenious with her odd, yet original style, and above all, the playful attitude she has towards clothes. It shines through her work so obviously! I would kill to get my hands on her designs, for example her knitted 3D shirts, weirdelicious head pieces or those fun 3D coctail dresses! She's real talented, and her work's been worn by Lady Gaga, and Tyra Banks!

The thing I like most of Fammy, is that she uses her models as a piece of art, and makes use of make-up, hair etc. I don't believe that strong make-up and wonky hair steal the attention away from the clothes themselves, like some fashion higher-ups imply. In my opinion, the appearance of the model should support the idea frame constructed around the outfit. And above all, the models seem to have so much fun in those clothes, it's so cute!

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