Monday, June 27, 2011

Yayyyy, I finished it!
As some people reading this might know, I went to an art oriented high school (just graduated lol). Soooo, basically I draw. I've just taken the pre exams to a fashion designer uni, and I'm - hopefully - gonna get the results in july. I passed up to the last phase of it, so my chances have gone from 36/160, 21/36, to 14/21. So it's 67% sure I'll get in. It would SO suck to get eliminated now, so keep your fingers crossed for me, m'kay?

This piece was the last assignment I got while still in HS. The assignment was really vague, I was supposed to draw or paint either people or scenery. So what did I do? Decided to practice both buildings and extreme perspective. Stupid if you ask me, concidering that I've never done either of those.
BUT it turned out great! I love this piece and hope you'll enjoy it too. It took me quite a while to color it and I did so with different shades of gray copics.

Hope you liek!
If you're interested, check out more of my work in Deviantart !

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