Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sugar sugar, honey honey

Heyyyyyy, it's been too long, my friends! (if there are any of you there)
Guess what day was the day before yesterday? The overly pink nuzzle day ofc, lol.
Aka. my girlfriend and I had our 2,5 anniversary. I know, cheesy right? We celebrate halfways. But well a while back we partied monthly.
You know the few week period that couples have just after they start dating? The snuggling and pinkish aura they have around them? Cute little phone calls that end with them both arguing giggling with the line "no, YOU hand up first!"

Yeah. We still have it.<3

So here's the thing: we have nicknames. She calls me Lion, or Kitty, because I've always had big hair (and when we started dating I had a Cloud-do ) and I call her "Nalle", Teddy roughly traslated. That's why the pic lol.
I might want to go on and on about gay rights here but i choose not to. Not now anyway. Maybe later when I have something sudden and worth rageing for in my hands. Later. For now, it's just pink here guys.

In honor of our anniversary we went to our regular spot, Arnold's which has those awesome doughnuts shaped as hearts <3 In the pic you can finally see my new fugly dumbo wallet<3 I love it to pieces and it's really handy too! I got it from Cawaii from Helsinki. It's a funny thing, I go to coffee shops all the time. So often that the people there recognise me and remember what I always want! (cus I'm a lousy lazyass so i just pick one that I'll always have) I even have "the usual" even though my friends thought it was some urban legend to have one.

Annnnndddd In other news, here's what I wore today, as it was yet again my day off. The dress if from Kapphal, the vest thingy and the belt from Kärkkäinen (the place I work in lol) the long sleeved basic shirt is from Gina Tricot, the gloves and the hair piece from Lindex, the leggins from Only and the necklace from Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. To be quite honest with you, the necklace is really a magnifying glass i put in a proper chain. It's meant for old people who have trouble reading 8D
Well, I did say I was about to enter my first age crisis....

Oh yeah! The sandals are from Mononen, probably the worlds only place (or at least Finn's) who sell shoes for large feet. 'scuse me for being related to Yeti!

Nomnomnommm.... :3333 Me drinking coffee with everything but coffee. (weird right?)

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  1. aawww *o* ehkä maailman ihanin kirjoitus<3 olet rakas senkin vaaleanpunainen<3 ja ihana toi sun " :3 " ilme tossa kahvi kuvassa<3