Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boring post = boring

Soooo nothing's happened much since my last post - just been watching Dr. Who and drawing really. I've finished my designs for this fashion design competition I plan on entering though, but I dare not put any pics of them in here. YET at least.

We've been busy organizing a flee market table with my fiance and thank god people are buying our stuff! There's so much old clothes and random stuff that I don't even remember having that I don't even care about getting money from them. I just want them gone. I found some nightgowns from like my 7th grade or smth.

But! Today I got to go outside with my lil' sis! We had planned on going shopping but since neither of us really didn't plan on buying anything, we just grabbed a bite and browsed for hours. It was really fun, save for the teenzy weenzy thing - I GOT FUCKING SICK. Srsly, who gets the flu in the summer???? So I was sneezing all the way, blowing my nose every second and now after all the walking I feel like crap. Whyyyyy oh why did it have to start todayyyy?? D:
However if you know me at all, you'll not probably be surprised to hear that even though I don't have any money right now, I still bought something, lolz.
I got meself a new red lipstick since I lost the first one somewhere. Probably Berlin but you never know. Then I got this lovely aubergine that had this petal look skirt from H&M sale rack. Additionally one of my former classmates was selling her stuff away so I relieved her of

This originally Carlings - blouse

and this lovely red belt :3

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