Thursday, August 8, 2013

Outfit of the day

Phew it's been a looooong week since I last wrote anything here... Moving has been quite a bitch since my fiance wasn't on vacation like me and we didn't have a van to move our stuff. So I kinda overdid it and didn't eat or sleep, just packed stuff and cleaned the house. So I've been forced to just rest for the past three days.
I did get invited to a bar night with one of my best friends! Thank the gods, I've been indoors so much with nothing to do it's been driving me crazy. After changing seven times, this is what I wore:

Shorts: Gina Tricot
Tights: general store
Shoes: Zsatza
Necklace: second hand
Headband: Tiia Vanhatapio for Seppälä

The back of the shirt

   I love it how has these kind of gorgeous clothes in more sizes than normal clothing stores! 'Cus in my mind, when you have a piece of clothing, as long as it fits you, you can wear anything you want. I'm a EU size 44 and don't want to wear what those boring basic wear and capes that all the "generous", or "big and beautiful" sections are full of. And that said, I'm really sick of magazines, stylists, and "fashionistas" all over telling people what they should wear based on their figure. "A new, easy way to hide those hideous man-shoulders!" or "Check out this trick that will create an hourglass figure for everyone!" So what if you have broad shoulders, tiny boobs or a huge, ghetto bum? It seems that there's only one way to dress these days, only a couple of accepted forms of bodies. I think it would be fun to have a dress that makes me look like a huge ball, or carrot pants that make my lower half look like a triangle on it's sharp point!

   I also don't like how H&M has profiled bigger people to dress more grown up than those of smaller size. To those who'll argue "children should not be encouraged to grow up fat!" I'll remind you - we in our 20's would still want to avoid that secretary/business look the grown up-department offers. For instance, my shoe size - as with many Finnish women these days - has been huge ever since I hit puberty. Srsly I outgrew my mom's EU 39 at the age of 12. So why, oh why, has H&M erased size 41 from their teen shoe collections?
   I had been drooling these gorgeous black wedge heels for a while and went to try them on. (I'm actually terrible with heels, it's always scary to try on a pair 'cus most of the time I can't walk with them and have to leave them behind. Honestly, I fall down on my ass all the time even with flats.)
After a few minutes of looking, I went up to the shop assistant and asked if the size 41 was out, since there were none. And eyes brightly she merely uttered: "This is the youth department, we don't have a size 41."
That was a surprise to me, since just a couple of months back I had bought a pair of shoes from there and they had had my size. I asked her to call the head of the department, and they confirmed that the largest size had been removed from the youth collections.
- Mind you, the adult department shoes are mostly boring, basic heels-
So what the hell???? People who end up having big feet in adulthood usually tend to have the same feet when growing up. If this policy had been adopted when I was a kid, I would have had to use really awkward, serious-looking adult stuff instead of anything fun and proper to my age.

End of rant.

Anyways, to the end of this post, I give you a few pics of me today, after discovering a new hairstyle to save a sweaty day filled with unpacking!

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